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About Me

I have a wonderful wife and three over-energetic sons. We are enjoying the adventure of life together!

I grew up programming in BASIC on my family’s Commodore 64 (C64). What a computer that was! Programmers kept pushing the computer (which was located inside the keyboard!) to new limits and differentiating their products with innovative approaches to utilizing the hardware. The results were engaging games and programs that became the front-runners for much of today’s software.

After the C64 era, I realized that many hardware and software engineers do not take the same approach as was practiced in the days of the C64. Instead, designers often focus on using inefficient implementations, relying on brute force approaches with bleeding-edge hardware technology instead of designing for future scalability and fully utilizing the capabilities of readily-available technology. With this insight, I realized that I wanted to be an engineer, that I ought to utilize technology efficiently, and that I needed to grow my skill stack.

The desire to make the most of technology and everyday learning opportunities have led to many habits that help make life satisfying. For example, I find fulfillment and growth from:

  • Hobbies that increase my skillset

  • Designing my own websites for various projects

  • Repairing / remodeling my home myself

  • ​Wrenching on my vehicles myself

  • Diving into topics where I am less trained

  • Teaching my sons and including them in my endeavors

  • Taking time out to enjoy the people and places around me


In addition to everyday learning, I have always pursued as much formal education as possible. I completed my undergraduate degree in electrical and computer engineering at Northern Arizona University in May 2008 and my Master’s degree from Harvard University (with supporting coursework taken at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)) while also working full-time. I began my PhD in computer architecture at The University of Texas at Austin, where I completed all of my coursework and began my thesis before opting out in favor of the enticing AI / ML projects and environment at Centaur Technology. I began working at Intel when Centaur became the center of one of the most unusual business deals in the tech industry, which saw all 100 employees (but not the company itself) absorbed into Intel.


My education and experience help with my career and my desire to be self-reliant, as well as provide a greater ability to raise my family, serve in my church, and be better prepared to take an active part in my community. It is humbling to think that my life and the lives of those to come after me will be affected by the decisions and endeavors I am currently engaged in.

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